Characteristics of the best pool halls

images (2)The purpose of a pool hall is, of course, to play pool, but, what makes people want to go there? Certainly it is important to have pool tables that are in good repair, and have enough so that you don’t have to wait too long. If someone is looking to improve their game, full sized tables help, although it is harder to find in most areas, as pool halls have gone to the smaller ones. Reasonable fees should be in place. Having drinks and snacks at affordable prices adds to the patrons’ enjoyment as well as profit for the business. Maybe throw in specials on certain days or at certain times. Pool is now more accepted than when only men who drank and smoked extensive amounts played the game, and the aim is to make all kinds of players feel comfortable there. It should be a place where fathers can bring their sons to learn how to play, or husbands feel as good about bringing their wives or girlfriends out to play as going out with other guys for a friendly challenge.


If there are other games there, ping pong, darts, or other old-school games blend in well. After all, there are plenty of other places to play video games;images (3) this is a place for a change of pace in a laid-back atmosphere. The feel of the place should be friendly, relaxed, and comfortable. A jukebox is always anĀ attribute. Memorabilia can add to the aura, whether about pool, sports, autographed pictures of famous people, or something of that nature. This is a good conversation starter as well. Other decorations of this nature make it more old time and add to the feeling of being in the era of the hay days of pool.


Revival of the old time pool halls wtih more of a wholesome flavor would confirm the status of pool as a sport and encourage many to try it or continue to enjoy it.



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