Pool. Snooker. Billiards. Pontoon. So many names, multiple games and loads of concentrated fun. Created back in the 1900’s billiards has stayed alive up until the present with it’s adaptations and multiple changes. Most will see a pool table in bars or even a few restaurants, and quite possibly in the back corner of a video arcade, but what’s really the big deal about this ‘sport’?images (4)

Yes, billiards is an actual sport. It’s sort of along the lines of professional ping pong, or table tennis, and I’d say right up there with bowling. Now, a lot of people argue that because of how relaxed the game is, it can’t really be seen as a sport, or taken seriously-especially with how many different games you can play on a billiards table. While that’s true, I feel I should remind those people that poker is held to the same standards; different games to play on the table, relaxed atmosphere, the works. The only difference is, poker is taken so incredibly serious that not a lot of people think to do the same for pool players.

For as semi-popular as pool is, not a lot of people know exactly how many games there are. For example, most have only heard of; pool, snooker, and pinball-which is considered the obsolete and electronic version of true billiards. But other games include; carom billiards-also known as the French Billiards, three cushion billiards, English billiards, pin billiards, and even bar billiards.

Although this was more popular around the time it first came about, billiards has still held a strong placement in the relaxed entertainment industry. Any bar with a pool table usually has multiple games played on it, which usually increases alcohol consumption sales, and if they have a juke box, it’ll be filled by the end of the night.

images (5)Along the lines of music, it’s actually a big part of the game. The right song can set the mood just right for someone’s mojo, so to speak, to kick in and sink the eight ball in the pocket. Personally, I recommend either smooth country or something with a steady beat that doesn’t get too exciting. As ‘slow moving’ as pool is, if you’re¬†too excited and dancing to the music, you might miss when you hit it or even over shoot. As silly as that sounds, music does help you play well, so try to get your quarter’s worth on the juke box.

As casual as this sport is, there’s a lot that goes into each play. Small wagers are always being made on who’ll win a certain round or even the whole thing. People like to refer to this as a ‘hustle’ which is a coined term of ‘hustling pool’ but I personally think it gives a bad name to the plays. As far as anyone knows, it’s not illegal to make these bets at the bars, but the professionals might be a little different. I suppose that goes for any professional sport though. Usually when one ‘prepares’ for pool, at least at the bar and casual levels, it involves at least one beer and too much confidence. But that goes with the territory of having fun with the game and it sits well with the overall atmosphere.

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