Improving Your Home With A Billiards Table

images (6)It can be rare to find a home in our society today that doesn’t have some type of game table located within, such as that of a billiards (pool) table. Proving itself a great game for the whole family and for entertaining guests alike, a billiards table can be an excellent addition to your home, and is a pretty simple game to learn as well. In fact, there are even some individuals who go on to become professionals in the sport, and even making a living off of the fun of the game. As the game of billiards has continued to grow in popularity over the years, many families make an effort to find room in their homes for a space to have such entertainment, a space where fun can be had by all.

The game of billiards has been played by many individuals ever since the 15th century, including that of kings, queens, and other royalty as well. Originating in Europe as more of a lawn game, the game has continued to gain everlasting popularity throughout the entire world. The game of billiards, or pool, takes the shape of a sport where you use a cue ball in order to shoot other colored balls into pockets on a table. He object of the fame is to knock all of your pool balls into the pockets before your opponent.

As billiards (pool) has continued to increase in popularity, especially among families with adolescent children to entertain, many try to find homes that can accommodate entertainment game tables such as that. When planning for a room for your billiards table, it is necessary to make sure that you have enough room for not only the table and space for entertaining, but also enough room for use of the cue stick without causing any damage. Billiards and pool tables can come in a variety of sizes for whatever will fit your home the based, so it can be quite easy to plan and make the space for a table if you are looking to get onimages (7)e.

The game of billiards can be a great game to add to any family home, and can essentially bring families closer together with a little friendly competition. It is easy to find various retailers who sell pool tables, both new and used, and as said before, you can find whatever size works best for you and your family, ranging from small table size billiards to a full billiards made table as well. If you are looking for more information on investing in a billiards table of your own, you can find everything you need online to help you with your search.


Pool. Snooker. Billiards. Pontoon. So many names, multiple games and loads of concentrated fun. Created back in the 1900’s billiards has stayed alive up until the present with it’s adaptations and multiple changes. Most will see a pool table in bars or even a few restaurants, and quite possibly in the back corner of a video arcade, but what’s really the big deal about this ‘sport’?images (4)

Yes, billiards is an actual sport. It’s sort of along the lines of professional ping pong, or table tennis, and I’d say right up there with bowling. Now, a lot of people argue that because of how relaxed the game is, it can’t really be seen as a sport, or taken seriously-especially with how many different games you can play on a billiards table. While that’s true, I feel I should remind those people that poker is held to the same standards; different games to play on the table, relaxed atmosphere, the works. The only difference is, poker is taken so incredibly serious that not a lot of people think to do the same for pool players.

For as semi-popular as pool is, not a lot of people know exactly how many games there are. For example, most have only heard of; pool, snooker, and pinball-which is considered the obsolete and electronic version of true billiards. But other games include; carom billiards-also known as the French Billiards, three cushion billiards, English billiards, pin billiards, and even bar billiards.

Although this was more popular around the time it first came about, billiards has still held a strong placement in the relaxed entertainment industry. Any bar with a pool table usually has multiple games played on it, which usually increases alcohol consumption sales, and if they have a juke box, it’ll be filled by the end of the night.

images (5)Along the lines of music, it’s actually a big part of the game. The right song can set the mood just right for someone’s mojo, so to speak, to kick in and sink the eight ball in the pocket. Personally, I recommend either smooth country or something with a steady beat that doesn’t get too exciting. As ‘slow moving’ as pool is, if you’re too excited and dancing to the music, you might miss when you hit it or even over shoot. As silly as that sounds, music does help you play well, so try to get your quarter’s worth on the juke box.

As casual as this sport is, there’s a lot that goes into each play. Small wagers are always being made on who’ll win a certain round or even the whole thing. People like to refer to this as a ‘hustle’ which is a coined term of ‘hustling pool’ but I personally think it gives a bad name to the plays. As far as anyone knows, it’s not illegal to make these bets at the bars, but the professionals might be a little different. I suppose that goes for any professional sport though. Usually when one ‘prepares’ for pool, at least at the bar and casual levels, it involves at least one beer and too much confidence. But that goes with the territory of having fun with the game and it sits well with the overall atmosphere.

Characteristics of the best pool halls

images (2)The purpose of a pool hall is, of course, to play pool, but, what makes people want to go there? Certainly it is important to have pool tables that are in good repair, and have enough so that you don’t have to wait too long. If someone is looking to improve their game, full sized tables help, although it is harder to find in most areas, as pool halls have gone to the smaller ones. Reasonable fees should be in place. Having drinks and snacks at affordable prices adds to the patrons’ enjoyment as well as profit for the business. Maybe throw in specials on certain days or at certain times. Pool is now more accepted than when only men who drank and smoked extensive amounts played the game, and the aim is to make all kinds of players feel comfortable there. It should be a place where fathers can bring their sons to learn how to play, or husbands feel as good about bringing their wives or girlfriends out to play as going out with other guys for a friendly challenge.


If there are other games there, ping pong, darts, or other old-school games blend in well. After all, there are plenty of other places to play video games;images (3) this is a place for a change of pace in a laid-back atmosphere. The feel of the place should be friendly, relaxed, and comfortable. A jukebox is always an attribute. Memorabilia can add to the aura, whether about pool, sports, autographed pictures of famous people, or something of that nature. This is a good conversation starter as well. Other decorations of this nature make it more old time and add to the feeling of being in the era of the hay days of pool.


Revival of the old time pool halls wtih more of a wholesome flavor would confirm the status of pool as a sport and encourage many to try it or continue to enjoy it.



Music to Play Billiards To

imagesThe term ‘billiards‘ refers to any game played on a billiards/pool table. The first game came about in the year 1900, and soon it became a popular and casual way to spend time with friends, wind down after a long day, or even try and make some money on a gamble.

Most billiards tables are located in bars or even a few relaxed restaurants. Lighting plays an important roll in how the game is perceived, but more importantly, the music one listens to while ‘hustling’ pool determines how the game will turn out.

I started playing pool when I was eight years old; we were on vacation up at one of the great lakes and the only place to eat at was a bar up the road. My cousin and I played a game of eight-ball nearly every night we were there, and I started to get really good at it. When I got older, at my church youth group I played a few kids in straight pool and lost every single time. At first I thought it was because I’d just lost my touch, but the real reason was because the music made it difficult to focus.

Music is a very mental and emotional thing for people. The right can make you cry when you’re just sitting in the car. In fact, it’s stated, scientifically, that the more you play music, or even a musical instrument, the better your memory is and it’s easier for you to think through problems. It’s no surprise that music is even used in therapy.

So, what was wrong with the music at youth group? It wasn’t the right kind of music to play pool to, simple as that. It was too upbeat, too jarring and at some points it was too hyper. Billiards is a very cam and focused kind of game to play, so listening to bouncy music is not going to help you land the seven in the corner pocket in the

What should be playing is something smooth, something harmonious. In bars they like jazz music in the background, some live music with some great guitar pedals from The Lead Guitar may be good, and sometimes even low country tunes. A steady bass, soft voice and rhythmic tune is perfect for pool. Try to stay away from strong vocal songs, or even ones with a heavy bass. Your mind will want to pay more attention to the action in the song and become more likely to ignore the game you’re playing.

Now whenever I play pool, I always request “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy” by Kenny Chesney. It’s the perfect tempo and sound to really hustle a good win from a game of pool